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2019 LOA Symposium

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The Logistics Officer Association (LOA) consists of military officers and civilians from the logistics, acquisition, and technology career fields.  Members are part of almost 90 different chapters spanning the globe.

In late December 2019, LOA announced the upcoming 2019 LOA Symposium, which will be held in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, between October 8-11, 2019.

LOA has a wide-ranging mission. According to ATLOA.org, the mission of LOA is to “inspire informed, connected and effective members by providing value-added professional development and education opportunities through strategic engagement with military leaders and defense industry and academia partners.”  By doing so, LOA adds to other professional development opportunities for officers and civilian personnel.

Each year, LOA hosts the symposium to provide opportunities for interaction across the various professionals with the defense industry, academic leaders, and DoD. Attendees can also participate in LOA University to learn more about topics they can use while performing their duties.  Additionally, almost 80 vendors will highlight various processes, capabilities and technologies that may benefit the DoD.

To read the symposium announcement, please click visit their link.  The author, US Air Force retired Brigadier General Carl Buhler is the CEO of Buhler Consulting, LLC, which specializes in providing consulting services for aircraft maintenance, technology, supply, logistics and production. Carl is a career aircraft maintenance, munitions, and logistics officer.  He is also a long-time member of LOA.




January 6, 2019 – National Technology Day

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Today, January 6, 2019, is National Technology Day.  According to NationalDayCalendar.com, “AXEL, a technology-based company headquartered out of Las Vegas, founded National Technology Day. The Registrar at National Day Calendar declared National Technology Day in 2016.”

As we reflect on the meaning of National Technology Day, we realize we live in a day and age where technology impacts almost everything we do, so it’s important to step back and look at technology’s impact in our lives. Additionally, according to NationalCalendarDay.com, one way to observe is to use #TechnologyDay on social media, as well as talking “to someone about your technology ideas or try to find a way to bring your idea forward.”  For a short video on National Technology Day, visit https://bit.ly/2GVGfsk.

Across the Department of Defense, there are many technology and innovation efforts underway.  One of these is AFWERX, an effort spearheaded by the United States Air Force.  AFWERX was designed to solve Air Force challenges by working with industry on innovative technology and solutions. One area of AFWERX is focused on technologies from start-up and small businesses.  These businesses can apply for opportunities through the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program. For more information on AFWERX, visit http://afwerxdc.org/.

The author, US Air Force retired Brigadier General Carl Buhler is the CEO of Buhler Consulting, LLC which specializes in providing consulting services for aircraft maintenance, supply, logistics, and production areas, while focusing on business development and technology.  Carl is an avid fan of technology and is a member of the Air Force Association and National Defense Industrial Association.